Non-Cycling Fun

Every once in a while even the most avid cyclist needs to hop off their wheels and take to their feet. That is exactly what I did today. It was a bright, sunny and chilly day in the greater Portland area – including the Columbia River Gorge.

We did an eight mile hiking loop that started at Wakeena Falls and the steep set of switch-backs that await you. Once you plateau above Wakeena Falls the hike follows a beautiful stream and a host of gorgeous waterfalls.

Along the way we met another kindred soul of a hiker. His name was Dick. A very nice chap who was really into hiking, talking and telling us all about the baby girl from China that he and his wife recently adopted. Dick showed us a new route that had us gain more elevation but were eventually rewarded with an outstanding view of the gorge from “Devils Point.”

From there we headed toward Larch Mountain and to find a sunny spot to eat lunch. Our new friend Dick decided to hang with us to grab a bite to eat. After a hardy lunch of PBJ sandwiches, all three of us started the decent down toward Multnomah Falls and the end of our hike. The trail and bridge immediately underneath Multnomah Falls were terribly icy and made for a fun “ride” down the last quarter mile.

Once reaching our resepective cars, we traded email addresses with our new hiking friend. It was a very good (non-cycling) day – great weather, beautiful scenery, new friend and good training hike to prepare for our upcoming New Zealand adventure.

Tomorrow it’s back on the bike!  Ride on ->

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