Ice Bike

The past few weather days in Portland have certainly raised awareness in our community about “winter biking.” In further researching this topic, I came across a fascinating web site dedicated to winter biking. IceBike.Org claims to be “dedicated to the winter cyclists, who brave ice and snow and cycle for transportation, recreation, or competition in winter.”

A few people were joking yesterday about “…yea, if only you could put studded snow tire on your bike!” Well check this out – the Nokian Extreme W296 studded bicycle snow tire! There are others as well but this one happens to be my favorite. Not only does this delicious site spotlight studded tires, but tire chains, snowcat rims, performance lights, extreme weather computers, mirrors and other “specialized stuff” – all for winter biking!

If only I had know about this site a few days ago 🙂

Let in snow!

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4 Comments on “Ice Bike”

  1. John Bucsek Says:

    If you want studded tires for your bike and want to support a Portland business check out They stock several different studded tires for 26 inch and 700c wheels.

  2. portlandor Says:


    Thanks for the tip. I’d much rather support a Portland business.


  3. George Says:

    And I drove already. Began to study then broke a hand. Now I am at a home and look these pictures. Bicycle all the same it is the real thing!

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