Wage War on Bike Makers?

It seems a professor from MIT is advocating suing bicycle manufactures to force them to make safer products. Professor David Gordon Wilson made his remarks during a recent keynote speech at the Thinking on Two Wheels advocacy conference in Adelaide, Australia. You can read a summary of his remarks here.

Do you think his suggestion to litigate is a good one?

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4 Comments on “Wage War on Bike Makers?”

  1. Nancy McClure Says:

    >Do you think his suggestion to litigate is a good one?

    Hey, that’s a POLITICAL question.

    He said, “You can either regulate this area, or you can litigate.” I object. He’s ignoring a third option: you can use consumer pressure (boycotts and internet PR campaigns). If there are competitors in this area, you can educate consumers about the safety of choices.

  2. portlandor Says:

    You’re right…politics…a slippery slope indeed!

    I also agree with you that there is a third option – the free market. I personally think regulating and litigating are the slow paths to change in this case. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to worship at the alter of the free market, but consumer pressure in the context of competition often produce the desired results – and quickly.

  3. Jane Says:

    Use PR campaigns

  4. To me it is necessary to find

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