Only five types of people who commute on bikes?

Thirty-year bike commuter Grant Petersen from Rivendell Bicycle Works paraphrased the great Greg LeMond in his bicycle commuting tips when he wrote, “Riding never gets easier, you just go faster, but the effort remains about the same.”

Grant also asserted the following in his insightful piece “What They Don’t Tell You About Bike Commuting“…

There are only five types of people who commute on bikes:
 1. Athletes who use their commute as training or time-on-the-bike
 2. People who don’t have cars or access to public transportation
 3. Bad drivers who’ve had their licenses suspended
 4. Practicalists whose commute is easier by bike than it is by car
 5. People who just plain like pedaling a bike

Do you agree that Grant’s list is all encompassing?
So why do you commute by bike? For me it’s a little of #4 and #5.

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2 Comments on “Only five types of people who commute on bikes?”

  1. Nancy McClure Says:

    I hope you’ll post a comparison of biking and driving that shows how a bike commute is easier (says the lazy skeptic).

  2. portlandor Says:

    Not easier, just more fun!

    Seriously, here’s a link to a laundry list of benefits from Portland’s Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA):

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