Interesting Stats from 2006 Cycling Year

Today begins the 2007 new year. It’s a gray and rainy day here in Portland. I am doing what most people do on the New Years holiday and that is watching football, eating and writing a Blog entry 🙂 Since it us unlikely that I will do any riding today, I thought it might be interesting to summarize some facts and statistics from my 2006 cycling year. Here they are:

My bike: Trek 7700fx (model year 2004)
Total miles: 3,043
Longest ride: 77 miles (Harvest Century – Oregon)
Shortest ride: 0.5 miles (local grocery store and back home)
Warmest ride: 104 degrees (Jul 21)
Coldest ride: 28 degrees (Dec 28)
Most flat tires in one ride: 3 (Sauvie Island – Oregon)
CO2 emissions avoided: 2,400 lbs
Gasoline saved: 150 gallons
Gasoline dollars saved: $450
Commute trips to work: 100+
Roundtrip commute distance: 14.4 miles
Time required to commute one-way: 27 minutes

Most beautiful ride: Lopez Island (San Juans – Washington)
Most exhilerating: finish line (LiveStrong ride – Portland)
Most scenic training ride: Sauvie Island
Most cycling companions: 18,000 (Portland Bridge Pedal)
Best post-ride party: Reach the Beach (Oregon)

Enough of the talking. The holidays are over. I need to get back on the road. Tomorrow (Jan 2) may very well be my first ride of the new year. Nothing exciting however, just a routine commute to work.

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