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2006: Reprise

December 31, 2006

Before I kick off the 2007 cycling season, I thought a tribute to 2006 might be in order. Here are the highlights…

Reach the Beach – Oregon – 55 miles – May
Reach the Beach - Oregon

San Jaun Islands – Washington – 125 miles – June
San Juan Islands - Washington

LiveStrong Ride – Oregon – 75 miles – July
Lance Armstrong LiveStrong - Oregon

Crater Lake – Oregon – 1/3 of the Rim – September
Crater Lake - Oregon

I look forward to an even more fun 2007 cycling year!


December 30, 2006

Welcome to the blog!

My motivation for starting this blog is to inform and inspire others to the joys of cycling. I had many fun, interesting, strange and just plain mundane rides in the over 3,000 miles that I cycled in 2006. Many times I wished that I had somehow recorded each of those trips. Therefore the goal of this blog is to document as many of my cycling trips as possible. Surely some will be spectacular – February in New Zealand. Some should be interesting – Cycling Leadership Class in Missoula Montana. And no doubt some will be boring – commuting to work in suburbs of Portland Oregon.

I hope you tune in and I look forward to your thoughts, comments and suggestions. Please check in frequently!